Friday, 7 September 2012


I've been test-driving Photoshop CS6 for the last couple of weeks. If you've read my previous post about this, you will remember that I was concerned that my XP machine may not be able to handle it - well, it does. However, I did have a freeze-up on saving a file, but that may have been because the computer was downloading an update at the same time. Of course, my degree in digital ignorance may suggest that I don't know my a*** from my elbow, but I like to blame computers for most cock-ups. Anyway, I think it might be wise to upgrade the level of my RAM, which I will, because it is cheap.

About the software: All I can say is that It is very satisfactory. Certainly, I'm no expert but the results I have produced, and how I have used the tools to produce them, have pleased me. I have to believe the experts who say that the RAW conversion is much better than before. It certainly seemed that way to me, and the controls are more intuitive and smooth. Of course, upgrading now from CS4 to CS6, the last year that Adobe will allow a two step upgrade, is wise for future proofing.  It has to be borne in mind that in the days of analogue film photography we had to constantly pay for film processing and now we have to put that money to keeping up with the technology of digital photography. It only seems fair.

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