Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Contact details in Alamy images IPTC data

I think it is probably more than possible that most of us have included copyright and contact data in our Alamy images IPTC data. I know that for most of the time I have been submitting I paid little or no notice to IPTC, but over the last couple of years, with all the scares about online piracy and illegal use of images I have a standard routine which includes my name, address and phone number in the IPTC data when I'm finishing up an image.
This, of course, is contrary to the terms of my contract with Alamy, which completely slipped my mind as, I'm sure, it did with many others. Alamy is conducting a sweep of all the images to automatically remove these but are stating that there is no guarantee that other annotations may not be affected. That's a worrisome prospect.
Here is the link to Alamy's post.

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